BEX Series - Hazardous Location Enclosures
Explosion-proof housings allow electrical equipment to be installed in hazardous environments containing flammable vapors, gasses, or dust. The housings are designed to prevent any ignition or spark caused by the electronics inside from igniting the surrounding flammable atmosphere.


The BEX Series Housings are available in 3 sizes ranging from 4-in to 6.6-in diameters. These housings are currently being evaluated for classification as an enclosure for use in hazardous locations. They are designed to enclose a camera and lens to provide surveillance in hazardous environments. The unit is suitable for outdoor operation. The unit includes cable entry ports in the rear of the unit, and a generic camera mounting platform sized to accept a variety of camera and lens combinations. These housings can be attached to a variety of fixed mounts or an Explosion-proof Pan/Tilt base.*


*Please see datasheet for pending certifications

BEX Series - Explosion-Proof Housing

SKU: BEX Series
    • Designed to Meet UL / cUL Classification
    • Designed to Meet ATEX / IEC Ex Certification
    • Designed for use in Hazardous Locations
    • Indoor/Outdoor Installation
    • Chemically Strengthened Glass
    • Viewing Window
    • Durable Aluminum Construction
    • Designed to Meet IP66 Rating
    • Operating Temperature Range (-2 with a pan/tilt positioning system to gain true pan/tilt/zoom control with your large zoom lens
Made in NC

Custom Metal Fabrication