Entryways to most buildings and retail establishments typically pose several challenges when implementing a security camera system: they are small in size, visitors can easily reach a wall-mounted camera, or the décor does not agree with vandal resistant domes.  A corner mount camera addresses all of these issues due to the wide angle lens offering superb coverage of the room.  The housing’s aluminum construction and tamper resistant design mounts flush to 90-degree corner making it difficult to access, and the sleek look blends into many decors.


The BCC Series corner mount cameras are ideal for full coverage of small rooms, elevators and hallways. The housing is designed to accommodate multiple camera varieties that can be tilted and swiveled to achieve the required viewing angle. The housings consist of a 2-part assembly for easy installation. The standard faceplate is black and optional white and silver faceplates are available.

BCC Series - IP Corner Mount Camera, 1080p, 2 (12VDC/PoE), 2.8mm lens

SKU: BCC Series
Faceplate Color (B=Black, W=White, S=Silver)
    • 1080p IP
    • 2.8mm Lens
    • Tamper Resistant Design
    • Interchangeable Clear and Tinted Windows Included
    • Black, White and Silver Faceplate Options
    • Conduit Knockouts Provided (4)
    • 2-Axis Camera Adjustment
    • 12VDC/PoE
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