Custom Housing with AI-Enabled Thermal Imaging Analytics for Rapid Temperature Detection.


This custom housing was created in response to a customer's immediate need to re-open their auto factories worldwide during the pandemic.


AI-Enabled Thermal Imaging Analytics for Rapid Temperature Detection

Achieve rapid social health screening with a customized thermal camera paired with a 1080 bullet and an AI Video Intelligence Platform. Ideal for social environments, including schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transit stations, hospitals, gyms, banks, theaters – just about any environment or facility that needs to screen for high temperatures during this unprecedented health crisis.


The customized high-performance Ganz Thermal Imaging Camera captures high-quality video in all lighting conditions.


The Camera

This cost-effective thermal solution outperforms conventional surveillance technologies and has been paired with Ganz's PixelPro 1080p bullet camera to provide rapid and accurate dual imaging.

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Custom Housing for Rapid Temperature Detection System

SKU: Custom Product
  • Vaidio™ Video Intelligence Platform

    • Scan at Normal walking speed
    • > 100 persons per minute
    • No need to stand in front of the camera
    • Detects temperature with Face mask on
    • Software-based Black Body
    • Face distance from camera 10 – 12 feet
    • Manual/staff overhead eliminated
Made in NC