Sanitizing Station, Aluminum, Accommodates Sanitizer/Face Mask Dispensers, Supply Cabinet, Black


    Help customers, employees, and visitors feel safe in your facility by providing self-service sanitizing stations.   

    An accessory bracket allows a touch-free temperature scanner to be attached for fever detection.

    Free-standing or bolted to the floor, these stations are constructed of durable aluminum with powder coat finish.

    These stations provide refillable hand sanitizer dispensers and facemask boxes.   
    Available in multiple standard colors or take advantage of our color matching service so that the station blends into your décor.


    BSS-E48315 - Sanitizing Station

    SKU: BSS-E48315
      • Accommodates: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser or Face Mask Dispenser (x2)
      • Optional Temperature Scanner Bracket
      • Free-Standing or Bolt Down
      • Storage Cabinet for Supplies
    Made in NC

    Custom Metal Fabrication