The HD analog Height Strip Camera has a 3.7mm lens and is designed with ease of installation and high adjustability in mind. The curved front surface of the unit allows the camera to be rotated for site specific adjustments. The camera can be rotated leſt and right of center to capture the desired view within a 180 degree range.


Sized to fit most standard door frames (1.7” width), and with cable entry through the top, bottom, or rear of the unit allows this camera to be installed in a wide variety of locations. Equip the unit with an additional accessory camera and mount the Height Marker Camera between two doors to cover multiple exits with a single unit. Or position the additional accessory camera to view across the entrance to provide a full profile shot, while the other camera(s) faces in toward the flow of exit traffic capturing high quality, high resolution images.


Height Marker Cameras can be coupled with ceilingmounted security cameras to augment any businesses surveillance capabilities. The ceiling cameras capture the subjects height as he or she passes the highly visible height marker, while the camera inside captures facial images. When height marker tape is installed without an onboard camera, there is a high risk of failing to capture quality facial images of subjects wearing hats or hoods from standard positioned overhead cameras. The “X” model is available with no camera.


Contact our sales team for a quote to modify our design to accept your preferred camera.  OEM services are available.

BHM Series - HD Analog Height Strip Camera (multi-format)

Faceplate Color (B=Black, W=White, S=Silver)
  • BHM Series
Made in NC

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