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Top 5 Myths About Welding

A lot of people do not realize the benefits of learning a trade such as welding because of the myths surrounding them. Welding is not only a fun trade to learn but also easy to get started in. In addition, there are plenty of employment opportunities and upward mobility opportunities for welders. Here are the top five myths about welding.

Myth 1: Welding is a Low-paying Job

This is a commonly-held myth. For some reason, a false belief of welders earning low wages has surrounded the industry for a while. According to Indeed, the average base salary of an entry-level welder in the USA is $48,202 per year ($22.64/hour).

North Carolina entry-level welders can expect to make right around there, too. Like all other professions, welders often see their wages increase as they gain experience and skill over time. Talented welders can make upwards of six figures. The option of opening your own shop can also create opportunities for more pay.

Myth 2: Welding Requires Little Skill

Sure, you don’t have to be skilled to be a lousy welder (see below)—but just like any other job, welding requires skill and experience.

Welding is a trade that is constantly evolving with advances in technology that require welders to stay on top of training. In addition, welders need to arm themselves with new techniques and use suitable equipment to meet high industry standards and to have the ability to take on more advanced projects such as TIG welding.

Myth 3: Welding is a Man’s Job

Sure, the welding industry is male-dominated—but that doesn’t mean welding’s a man’s job. Companies such as Weld Like a Girl ™ and Women Who Weld are trying to change the industry by empowering girls and women to weld by offering various programs, classes, and certifications. According to NBC News, in 2021, “Women make up only about five percent of the welding workforce,” which is only up by one percent since 2010, according to Forbes. As a result, manufacturers are constantly looking for talent, and women are needed now more than ever to fill the employment gap.

Myth 4: Automation Is Hurting Employment Opportunities

Robots are taking over! Just kidding. This is another big myth that has been making trade professions panic. The myth here is that as more companies utilize robots for their welding operations, they won’t need humans to fill those roles–but this isn’t actually the case. Robots may be moving in, but that doesn’t mean welders are moving out. According to NBC News, “more than 300,000 [welder] job openings are expected nationwide by 2024.”

iRobot Via Giphy

Myth 5: Welding is a Dead-End Job

This is just dead wrong. Welders can move up as supervisors, instructors, Certified Welding Inspectors, and more. Additionally, experienced welders can make high wages–upwards of $100,000 a year! If you stick with it and get really good, manufacturers will be seeking your talent.

Welding is one of the few trades that can be applied across industries, ranging from nuclear power plants and military bases to security and greenhouse camera housings to even nautical needs on boats. With our talented team of welders at Broadsight Systems in Mebane, NC, we can weld just about anything. So, tell us about your welding needs here.


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