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Top 10 Reasons to Buy American-Made Products

With the rise of foreign competition and inflation, Americans are looking for solutions for convenience without compromising quality. Here are the top ten reasons why Americans should turn to American-made solutions.

1. Providing jobs for Americans

More American jobs can be created when buying American-made products by helping US companies profit and grow.

2. More eco-friendly

When paying for American products manufactured right around the corner instead of overseas, you are helping the environment by using fewer fossil fuels to get the product to you. In addition, large shipping containers, crates, and cargo ships are cut out of the equation, allowing for quicker shipping time and fewer resources used.

3. Safe & fair labor standards

America has organizations such as the Organizational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Department of Labor to monitor workplaces to ensure safe working conditions and fair pay. Many foreign countries do not. When buying American-made products, you are paying companies with safe and clean workplaces that pay their workers at least a minimum wage.

4. Guaranteed Quality of Goods

Foreign companies have become jokes in the retail industry due to their false advertising scandals and laughably bad products. However, since products made in the USA have standards and laws to ensure truthful advertising, false advertising is not as much of an issue here. Businesses must jump through hoops to adhere to the laws with these in place, assuring the consumer gets what they actually ordered.

5. Boosting the American economy

By paying for domestically-made products, companies help pay US taxes and thus shrink the federal deficit.

6. Preserving American cities

When consumers pay for American products, manufacturing plants and other factories can remain in cities. If not, the tragedy of big companies pulling out of large cities leaves behind ruins and thousands of jobs due to outsourcing. For example, many factors contributed to Detroit’s downfall. But because of the foreign competition, the large auto factories did not help the local factories’ profits, and companies were forced to cut their workforce.

7. Funding local community programs

Local companies love to give back to their local communities. So, when you buy our products, you are investing not only in an American company and their workers but their local communities by extension.

8. You actually get what you pay for

Our products are made from high-quality materials, whereas you never know what you’re getting from overseas.

9. Independence from other nations

When purchasing US products, America becomes independent of other nations, so we do not have to rely on other countries to supply our goods.

10. Avoid paying costly tariffs & fees

When paying for foreign products, you are also paying for any tariffs on imported goods, fees, and shipping costs. Often, political factors are tied to tariffs and fees associated with foreign imports. However, with our American-made products, you are paying for the good—and that’s it.

There are multiple reasons to buy products made in America. It is beneficial to our country, public safety, our environment, and the economy. In addition, it provides American jobs and preserves the quality of our workplaces and products. Contact us today to buy our American-made products like our durable aluminum Explosion-Proof Housing.

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