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The Benefits of Custom CNC Metal Fabrication and Machining

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Custom solutions are not readily available from mainstream suppliers. There are numerous benefits to using custom precision metal fabrication, but they are often avoided for several reasons. Companies may not have the engineering/CAD capabilities to design the parts themselves; they may only have a general idea of what they want to create, but get hung up on the details, or they haven’t bought custom parts before and aren’t sure where to start looking, or maybe they are concerned about price points. Working with Broadsight Systems takes away all these concerns. Our team of industry veterans look at design proposals, work up solutions, and prepare a quote at no up-front cost. The value at the price point is often not considered: stock parts can be less expensive, but if functionality, durability, quality, aesthetics, and adaptability are essential, a custom solution can bring more value in the long run.

1. Value

Custom products are designed specifically for the customer's purposes and tend to be more robust than mass-production items. Stock products are often produced to fill general needs, rather than specific requirements. Resulting installations can be bulky and unsightly. Customized products are typically more expensive but can provide cost savings for installation and electrical contractors, provide a cleaner appearance, and function as needed. In addition, when customized, the chosen metals, colors and finishes can be tailored to the environment of their intended use.

2. Versatility

Using a standardized part may require numerous adaptions or limit the product's versatility. Instead, a customized product or component can be created to adapt to a broader range of compatible products. Our lockboxes and camera housings are platforms for myriad configurations; our feed-through wall mount castings can be machined to accept a multitude of devices; our intercom backboxes are similar in construction but adjusted slightly to accommodate different devices. Our broad base of custom products allows us to modify existing designs rather than starting from scratch—which saves time and money for our customers!

3. Environmental Adaptability

Products constructed of sheet metal can be produced to be highly resistant to various conditions and, through the manufacturing process, can be painted, treated, certified, and environmentally pretested for the intended use.

Our products can be designed with environmental considerations in mind. The requirements for an installation along the coast are very different than an installation in a desert, cold climate, or oil field. Through the selection of design, raw materials, finishes, coatings, and on-board features, Broadsight Systems delivers the right solution for the application.

4. Aesthetics

Standard mounts, housings and mass-produced parts often look very generic and may negatively affect the aesthetic of a room or building. With custom design and color match painting, our products are designed to complement or enhance the intended location. Our experience ranges from ornamental wall mounts for PTZ cameras, signage for the Pentagon, and countless mounts and fiber optic housings for government buildings in Washington, D.C.

5. Made in the USA!

Buying American-made products is an essential part of boosting the national economy by supporting American jobs and industries. Even better, “Made in USA” tells you that your products come from manufacturers that follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements.

6. Sustainability

Often reliable equipment requires a mount, housing, or replacement parts that are no longer available or in production. But will this force the complete replacement of your product or machinery? Not with our custom solutions. Instead, reverse-engineering the replacement parts can provide a more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solution.

Did you know that stainless steel is one of the most used green raw materials? It’s 100 percent recyclable, and more than half of all the stainless-steel materials in use today are sourced from scrap materials. By choosing stainless steel rather than non-recyclable raw materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

What We Can Do

Broadsight Systems’ most frequent request is for custom parapet arms for PTZ cameras. The need arises when the rooftop of a building does not lend itself to such installations. Perhaps architectural restrictions prevent bolting into the roof, or the only place to attach the mount is too far from the edge of the building, or perhaps a pipe or duct is in just the wrong place. Broadsight Systems’ design and manufacturing teams work within the constraints to build a product that navigates the obstacles and enables the camera to be installed in just the right location.

Some customers prefer to pay a bit more for us to pre-assemble lock boxes to save time spent in the field. We drill a set of holes in the access panel for cable entry, install cord grips, wire a pigtail into a pre-installed junction box, and pre-drill holes in the backplate for quick device installation.

Many customers are dual-mounting cameras to a single mount and running cables through a sinn the wall. This effectively doubles the camera coverage per installation; all we need to get started is the model number of the device.

When deciding which solution to go with, remember that having it fabricated makes a difference in value, functionality, durability, quality, aesthetics, and adaptability. Contact us for a quote today.

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