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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the BEX Series Explosion-Proof Housings UL Certified (Listed)?

  • Broadsight Systems’ BEX Series housings are UL Classified  “enclosures for use in hazardous locations as to explosion and fire hazard only”.  In order to be fully UL Certified (Listed), the complete system (e.g. housing + camera + lens + wiring) must undergo additional temperature testing by a certifying agency.  Contact Broadsight Systems for assistance with obtaining a full listing.


Can I request customizations to the housing?

  • The housing itself cannot be modified.  Broadsight Systems’ Customization program enables you to specify what equipment is required inside the housing.  Our product design engineers will develop a CAD model of the complete package including any internal bracketry and wiring required for the system to operate.  We can then supply you the customized package without or without the electronics installed.  If obtaining a UL Listing for the system


What can I expect when I install these housings in a Classified (HazLoc) area?

  • Contact the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) who will handle the site inspection.  They will need a list of the equipment and certifications of each item.  They may require a sample of the camera system prior to the installation; contact Broadsight Systems if you need prototyping assistance.


What is the process for having a camera system UL Certified (Listed)?

  • Contact Broadsight Systems for assistance with obtaining a full listing.  We will work with you to incorporate all the necessary components into your solution and have the package UL Certified with a unique part number.


Is there a coating on the viewing window?

  • No; the window is uncoated, tempered Borosilicate glass.


Can BEX Series Explosion-Proof Housings be installed outdoors?

  • Yes; these housings carry an IP66 rating, certified by UL.


What are the specifications of the stopper plug and gland fitting?

  • Stopper plug: One UL/C-UL listed EBNV/EBNV7 (CMP Products# 757DT15) stopping plug made of nickel plated brass is provided which is certified for use in hazardous locations.  Install the stopper plug in unused openings (1/2” NPT holes).

  • Cable gland: One UL/C-UL listed CYMX/CYMX7 cable gland (CMP Products# 20S16PXSS2K) made of nickel plated brass is provided which is certified for use in hazardous locations.  It includes an inner compound barrier and accepts cable(s) with an overall diameter from 0.122 ~ 0.338” (3.1 -~ 8.6mm).


What grounding connections are available?

  • One #10-32 ground screw is provided on the rear cap of the housing.  A second #10-32 ground screw is provided inside the housing on the camera cradle.  The camera cradle is pre-wired to the inside of the rear cap for added protection.

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How to Clean a Thermal Camera’s Germanium Lens

Use a lens tissue with a solvent (a dry lens tissue can scratch optical surfaces). A good solvent to use is a mix of 60% acetone† and 40% methanol. Acetone alone dries too quickly to dissolve all of the debris. The methanol slows the evaporation time, and also dissolves debris that acetone alone would not clean.

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