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Our focus is on precision metal fabrication, custom design, and the assembly of electro-mechanical components. We service a wide range of industries, with core competencies in the security and industrial video industries. Our product line includes specialized housings and enclosures, camera assemblies, mounting accessories, and turn-key video surveillance systems. Our products are proudly made in the USA.


Our customers look to us for responsive solutions requiring customization not available from mainstream suppliers. Our experienced team can accommodate CAD-based custom design, metal fabrication, assembly prototyping, and small production runs with a quick turnaround.


Broadsight Systems Inc. has a diversified range of fabrication machinery to produce precision products in a variety of sizes and materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and various composites. We also offer 3D printing, short-run production, metal punching and forming precision CNC milling & turning, prototyping to high production runs, environmental chamber testing, and custom painting services.


We service a wide range of industries, with our core competence in security and industrial video markets. Our product installations are ideal for a wide range of environments from public facilities including subway platforms, airports, and highways as well as commercial buildings, retail stores, factories, as well as government facilities such as military bases, correctional facilities, power plants, and universities.

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